Texas saltwater fishing reports

Texas Saltwater Fishing Fishing & Weather Reports

Updated May 6, 2022

Upper Coast 

Sabine Lake -  Speckled trout good along the channel edges as well as the marsh drains. Flounder good on both sides of the channel. Redfish good in the marshes and drains. North of the lake good for both trout and reds over shell in 2 to 4 feet of water. Black drum and sheepshead good in the marsh. 

Galveston - Trout good along the shorelines of Trinity Bay. Reefs and deep shell holding plenty of trout in all the bays in the Galveston Complex. Redfish and drum good in the marsh. Sheepshead good around the jetties. 

Matagorda - The diversion channel holding both trout and reds. Trout good over shell in East Bay. Redfish good along shorelines in West Bay. 

Middle Coast

Seadrift/Port O'Connor - Trout good over mid-depth shell and channel edges. Sheepshead good around jetties. Redfish good along the shorelines and in the marsh. 

Rockport - Redfish and speckled trout good along the shorelines and in potholes over grass flats. Trout also good over mid-depth flats and along the channel edges.  

Port Aransas/Aransas Pass -  Redfish, black drum, sheepshead good at jetties. Some trout also being caught at the jetties. Redfish and black drum also being caught on the flats in Aransas Bay. 

Lower Coast

Corpus Christi - Redfish and speckled trout good in Nueces Bay. Trout also good around the platforms and gas wells.  

Baffin Bay - Redfish and trout good on the flats. Specks also good around the rocks. Black drum good around grass. 

Port Mansfield - Trout are fair in potholes and over deeper grass flats. Some good trout being caught in the Land Cut as well. Redfish good over the flats and around scattered grass beds. 

Port Isabel/South Padre - Trout and redfish good over grass flats on west side. Redfish good on east side flats as well. Black drum good in channels. Redfish and mangrove snapper good around the jetties. 

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