Good Fishing in Seadrift, TX

Great day one with this North Texas family. Took us a bit to find a consistant bite, and when we did it was all smiles. Crotch to waist deep grass beds with rafts of bait, throwing DSL’s Victorious Secret and Strawberry Wine did the trick. The North wind was giving us trouble on day two, not many bites on the trout. But, did manage to have a customer land his PB on a DSL strawberry wine, Fins Braid 20# windtamer, and a 7’6” Waterloo salinity. The trout was 25”@4.25#, she was caught fishing a windward bank over thigh deep grass beds. This fish was released to fight another day. The boys also had a couple of PB reds, Cannon with his first ever red on day one at 27.75”@8#, and Kyler with a brute at 31”@9.50# on day two. Both reds were fooled by Down South Lures victorious secret. Capt. Nathan Beabout Cell:(210)452-9680

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