Solid Day of Wading in Seadrift

From the first to the last wade, we were blessed with a solid trout bite. Knee to thigh deep, dirty to clear sand pockets with rafts of bait is how we concentrated our wades today. DSL Blue Moon and Corky Softdines got tore up. Our best bites were early till about 10:30, then 1:30-3pm. Most all our fish were between 19-23”, and unfortunately two got away that were over the 26” mark. But, there is always tomorrow. When these boys got out on their first wade, they told me it was an Empty Stringer kind of day! Thanks boys for showing a little conservation for next time. Call me today, to get in on some of this action. May-July dates still available.

#texasfishingreports #speckledtrout #saltwaterfishing #redfish #texasfishing

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