Lesson in Sight-Casting

With some tough winds from the south, then the north. Our wade fishing trips have been slow. Today we got to shift gears with some new folks who wanted to teach their boy how to fish. Little Kevin wasn't up for wading but we did grab his attention when we mentioned sight casting fish. Couldn't have asked for a better day, little to no boat traffic, sunny skies and light north winds.

We found protection in the mangrove covered marsh of Matagorda Island. With receding north winds the marsh was starting to fall, pulling many fish off of small hidden flats and bars into creeks and drains. Although we saw 75+ redfish today, a lot of them wouldn't eat, you could make a perfect cast saying "here we go" and they would just slide right on past never flinching. Not sure if it was from the past weather or if the conditions were to perfect and the barometer was to high. But, we knew eventually they should feed, and finally around noon we started see blow ups on the banks. The fish we caught today were on Down South Lures red flash and Buggs Fishing Texas tea.

#speckledtrout #redfish #texasfishingreports

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