Trophy Trout Time in Seadrift, Texas

speckled trout

For the most part over the last several days, our south shoreline remains to be gin clear. There are some small areas that have dirty streaks on them. These small areas of dirty streaks are holding bait, and a handful of fish, but some of the areas I have been concentrating on are windward banks of our outside shorelines. With the passing low pressure system, our wind forecast has had lots of east in the wind. Not too strong at times, but just enough to dirty up the north and west shorelines of the bays and certain pockets.

Running to some of these areas can be rough to get to, but we have been leaving the dock a little early to make up for travel time. The windward areas have really been holding a lot of bait, with many solid trout and a crazy number of redfish hovering around them. Over the past couple weeks we have started to catch many solid trout from 22-28” mostly on top waters. When there is just a small ripple on the water lapping the bank we have been throwing Spook Jr., but when there is a 1-2 foot chop the bigger One Knocker Spooks have been getting the job done.

Most mornings I have been by passing the reefs, which are holding great numbers of trout, but the grass flats are holding much more solid fish that my customers are after. The reef trout have been anywhere from 16-18” and our best bite has been on heavy weighted jig heads and a dark color, either in the roach or pumpkinseed. The trout we have found are up on top of the reef before the sun comes up, and drop out to 3-4 foot of water after the sun breaks the horizon.

My plan every morning will remain the same I will play the wind and leave early if I have to get past the boat traffic. This time of year you can’t be afraid to double back on an area after the boat traffic has gone in for the day. If you have the right ingredients and no pressure, fish should resume normal activity therefore that area should produce better.

speckled trout

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