Three-day Trip Yields Awesome Catches at Land Cut

Laguna Adventures recently had a three-day and two-night all-inclusive trip to the Landcut Cabin with customers Russell, Brian, Marshall and Perry.

With the unusually high tide fishing in the Landcut was tough but ended up great. There was no bait on the edges due to the miles of new flats from the tide. We spent Friday fishing 9 mile, the Cut between Marker 9 & 13 and El Torro. Trout in the cut was abundant but small. Friday produced 9 Reds and 5 trout.

Saturday morning we headed South to fish the spoils in the Manfield area. The winds was dead calm and no bait moving anywhere. I gave the guys a brief description of what the bottom was like and we put together a game plan armed with an arsenal of Down South Lures, Waterloo rods, Quantum reels and Simms booties we exited the boat. Two of the guys have never wadded before and were a little nervous. Once the sun came up over the horizon the bait started to blow up in the surface then shortly after the Redfish showed up to eat some breakfast. All the apprehension about wadding was gone and they all had the biggest smiles. We wadded around the spoil island following the bait , everyone caught their limit of reds with some bonus trout. We got into a couple schools of dinks everyone was hooked up every cast.

In the fall the Bull Reds hang out on the bottom of the ICW. Once the boat traffic dies down just before the sun sets I will put a 10 inch mullet on the bottom. The high tide made it difficult getting big mullet. We rigged the large mullet up and drove it out to the middle of the channel. I started dinner while the customers enjoyed sitting on the dock enjoying the cool evening breeze watching the rod we dropped in the channel. Suddenly the rod started to twitch then go slack. I told the guys there was a fish on it. Nobody believed me and didn’t want to get up from their comfortable chairs. They designated one person (Perry) to get up and check it the line. Once he reeled the slack out of the line the circle hook had already been set and the red stated to run. Perry was the chosen one but he was rewarded greatly with a 37-inch bull red.

Sunday we headed south again for the morning bite and some flounder gigging . We ended up with 3 flounder with one at 24-inch. The bait and Reds came out just as the sun started to rise and disappeared once the sun had risen.

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