Early Bite for Solid Trout in Seadrift

It started and ended with a bang. The in between was a bit of a grind. We got on a good trout bite at first light with several 17- to 20-inch fish landed. From 11 am to 1 pm was a bit slow, still managed a few keeper fish on each wade, then after some lunch we jumped back out to find ourselves walking into some very solid trout and one 26-incher.

Waist deep water had more bites, but knee deep had the size! All fish were caught on DSL pumpkinseed and strawberry wine with an 1/8oz jig head. More good fish to come in the months ahead, contact me today to set your date.

We are also starting to book Port Mansfield Trophy Trout trips, give me a call for more details. December 1 - April 30.

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