Fishing Great in Rockport and Port A

"The fishing continues to be great in the saltwater bays around Rockport and Port Aransas. The speckled trout are everywhere and the choice bait for these fish is croakers and piggy perch. These live baits encourage aggressive strikes and the trout are fat and some of the bigger females still have eggs. Early in the mornings you can find them along shorelines and channel edges but as the sun climbs above the horizon the fish will move to a little deeper water (about 4 feet) and can be found in deeper pot holes on the flats and channels. Fish in areas of limited boat traffic if possible. The boat traffic will drive them deeper. Free lined croakers or piggy perch will result in a rod bending strike, HOWEVER, let the fish run with the bait for a few feet to insure a good hook set. Hook ups are always a problem with larger live baits. Remember, the bigger the bait the bigger the fish. But you need to let the fish run a little to get a good hook set. That is why it is called 'Free Lining' the bait. Let the fish run free for a few feet. Your hook ups will increase as a result." - Capt. Ray Burdette​

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