Fishing Legendary Baffin Bay out of Baffin Rod and Gun

When you hear Baffin Rod & Gun owners Captains Sally Ann and Aubrey Black say it’s the “Last Best Place on the Texas Coast,” it is hard to determine whether they are talking about the lodge or the bay. It’s is really of little consequence, as the saying can easily apply to both.

Both members of this husband-wife guide team were well-respected guides in their own right before they wed and became the power couple of Texas saltwater fishing guides. Sally Ann (Moffit) was a well-known kayak, fly fishing and light tackle guide in Rockport, while Aubrey had a long standing reputation as one of the best guides on Baffin. After they married, Sally Ann relocated to Baffin and the couple decided to try their hand at lodge ownership in addition to guiding. Their original lodge was lost in a fire. But, rather they give up on their lodge effort, they couple rebuilt, creating what is arguably the finest fishing lodge on the Gulf Coast.


In the new Baffin Rod & Gun Lodge, Sally Ann and Aubrey has struck a perfect balance between upscale and cozy. The accommodations rival top hotels. The meals prepared by Chef Adam Gonzalez are worthy of the trip in their own right. And, that is to say nothing of the World Class hunting and fishing clients are treated to on Baffin Bay and the nearby Upper Laguna Madre.


Baffin is a fabled big trout fishery and anglers fishing out of Baffin Rod & Gun always have the possibility of landing the trout of a lifetime. But, Baffin also offers excellent fishing for black drum and has recently seen an explosion in the population of big bull reds and doormat flounder. During the fall and winter, dove and waterfowl trips add to the available options.


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